AI Portfolio Optimizer & Risk Analyzer

InSCITE™ portfolio optimizer technology uses AI forecasting and cutting edge optimization algorithms to instantaneously produce a 30 day Ex-Ante forecast of portfolio statistics and optimized portfolio for highest risk adjusted return.

Platform Reports

View, download and share reports. Our graphic rich reporting feature makes it easy for asset managers, financial advisors and clients.

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Our portfolio optimizer and analysis provides:

  • Custom Constraint Configuration

    • Cash Constraint - set the minimum and maximum cash in the portfolio
    • Total Equity - set the minimum and maximum total equity in the portfolio
    • Single Equity - set the minimum and maximum for each equity in the portfolio
    • Total Fixed Income - set the minimum and maximum total fixed income within the portfolio
    • Single Fixed Income - AR risk number, return, sharpe ratio, correlation to S&P, dispersion, information ratio, CVaR, volatility, dividend yield, max drawdown
    • Return - set the minimum return for the portfolio
    • CVaR - set the maxium risk for the portfolio
    • Dividend - set the minimum dividend yields for the portfolio
  • Portfolio Statistics

    View your portfolio statistics: actual and optimized. We provide the following statistics:

    • AR Risk Number - AllocateRite risk number, range from 1 - 20, the lower the better.
    • Return - the quantification of total gains and losses over the account's equity for a designated time frame.
    • Sharpe Ratio - a forecasted measure that indicates the average return minus the risk-free return divided by the standard deviation of return on an investment.
    • Correlation to S&P - a number from 0 to 1 that reveals how closely a portfolio tracks the benchmark (S&P).
    • Dispersion - a term used in statistics that refers to the location of a set of values relative to a mean or average level.
    • Information Ratio - the information ratio (IR) is a measurement of portfolio returns beyond the returns of a benchmark, usually an index, compared to the volatility of those returns.
    • CVaR -(Conditional Value at Risk) also known as Expected Shortfall (ES) is a statistic used to quantify the risk of a portfolio.
    • Volatility - a statistical measure of the tendency of a market or security to rise or fall sharply within a period of time – usually measured by standard deviation.
    • Dividend - the dividend yield or dividend–price ratio of a share is the dividend per share, divided by the price per share.
  • Historical Stress Test

    View historical max drawdown chart. We provide data as far as year 2006.

  • Risk Distribution in Portfolio

    View the risk distribution chart for your portfolio: actual and optimized.

AllocateRite Demo Video

click on the image above to see AllocateRite in action

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Our platform provides:

  • Strategy Report

    You created a custom strategy and wanted to share with a client? No problem; share the statistics LIVE using our CRM, discuss it, and get a buy-in, assign the strategy, construct the portfolio, execute the trades then rebalance to Model or to Drift automatically using our rebalance engine.

  • Detailed Account Report

    View and export account information and statistics:

    • Account Information - total capital, daily PnL, MTD, YTD, .etc
    • Account Performance - performance chart with various benchmarks
    • Portfolio Analysis - market value, percent total assets, volatility, beta, return
    • Account Holdings - list of positions with allocation and risk distribution value
    • Account Statistics - AR risk number, return, sharpe ratio, correlation to S&P, dispersion, information ratio, CVaR, volatility, dividend yield, max drawdown
    • Stress Test - historical max drawdown chart
  • Client Report

    Get a list of clients in your organization.

  • Account Fee Report

    View and download detailed fee report for each account or all accounts.

  • Trade History Report

    View all the trade histories for your strategies and accounts using our advanced search and filter features. Download them with one click.

  • Stratege Performance Report

    View and download strategy performance data since the inception date or within a selected date range. Date, daily, MTD, YTD, and LTD values are included.

  • Platform User Report

    List all the users with detailed information and status in your organization.

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