Empowering the Next Generation
of Asset Managers & Financial Advisors.

The AllocateRite’s TAMPs SaaS AI-driven platform enables asset managers and RIAs to cost-effectively, provide advanced personal finance services such as constructing and delivering tax optimized models and strategies to their clients.

AllocateRite's powerful rebalancing engine ensures timely portfolio adjustment and execution. Our highly flexible design enables asset managers and RIAs to implement either the entire AllocateRite solution or cherry pick what they need from a list of features.

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The cutting edge tools you need to manage and grow your firm

Generate Proposal

Generate personalized proposals and start the conversation

AllocateRite's powerful proposal generator lets you quickly create personalized proposals that specifically reflect your client's goals and investment situation. Select from existing clients or add protential clients, fill out client information, choose from thousands of strategies, then generate the proposal with one click.

Digital Client Onboarding

Seamless web-based client onboarding and integrations

Onboard clients quickly and efficiently to the AllocateRite system and RIA. Then, fill out the Dual Fee Agreement and link your client's brokerage accounts in a couple of clicks.

Digital Client Managment

View all your clients and their portfolio information on one page

View and manage all of your accounts at once - including holdings, performance data, and more. Easily configure account settings and access portfolio information and analysis reporting to serve your clients best.

Digital Model Onboarding

Construct, evaluate and optimize portfolio strategies on demand

Onboard models from a CSV file or a linked account. Then, test, optimize, and review real-time data and analytics with clients before assigning strategies to their accounts.

Rebalance Engine

Powerful rebalancing engine to ensure timely portfolio adjustment and execution

Execute trades for hundreds and thousands of client accounts. Rebalance accounts with auto rebalance, manual rebalance, or partial rebalance and view account rebalance history any time, any place. We support multiple custodians.

Reduce your client’s risk, not their returns

Feature - Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization & Harvesting

  • Utilize cost basis of the portfolio
  • Minimize capital gains & maximize returns
  • Optimize performance & minimize tax liability
Feature - Goals Planning

Goals Planning & Budgeting

  • Set savings goal & investment strategy
  • Set up automated monthly contributions
  • Pick your own investment strategy
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