Digitize Your Investment Advisory Infrastructure

APIs offered by AllocateRite® enable firms to deliver custom applications. This is made possible by providing a fully customizable, integrated, and differentiated experience. Applications created with our APIs give clients access to forward looking AI powered tools.

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Why AllocateRite?

A modular approach

Our API-driven design enables clients to implement either the entire InSCITE™ solution or cherry pick what they need to easily plug into existing applications.

Our Highly Scalable and Secure Infrastructure Powers any Investment Experience You Design, from Portfolio Optimization and Ex-Ante Risk Analytics, to Trading, Robo Investing, and Tax and Goals Planning, all in Real Time.

Portfolio Optimization

Risk Analytics

AR Investment Robo

Tax & Goals Planning

Reduce your clients risk,

not their returns

Our cloud-based AI powered InSCITE™ risk analytics technology provides PMs and RIAs the ability to construct, evaluate and deliver portfolio strategies on demand that are optimized for highest risk-adjusted returns (within a desired set of asset allocation constraints) to their clients.

The portfolios may range from simple with a few securities to highly complex with hundreds of securities including but not limited to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and ETFs.

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Put The Power Of Our AI And Predictive Analytics To Help You Construct Portfolios For Tomorrow

InSCITE platform delivers AI driven custom thematic model portfolios for large institutions. The AI-driven platform can also create model portfolios, by optimizing existing portfolios to hedge against risk. These portfolios are created on demand using sophisticated patent pending portfolio optimization. Optimization and model creation is based on diverse set of input parameters and constraints such as dividend yield, cvar, return, asset class level and individual security level constraints. All stats delivered are ex ante with automatic periodic rebalancing to maintain optimized portfolio with highest risk adjusted returns.